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January 17, 2019 2 min read

Picking a leash for your dog can be very simple or very complicated, depending on how much energy or love you have for the process, putting money aside. :)

As a dog owner, I assume you know your dog's weight, strength and size. That will help you to decide the length, material of the leash you would want. There are many topics to discuss when it comes to picking a dog leash, we will focus on a few small topics today that might help your needs.

Running the Dog:

Depending on your walking habit and your dog's running habit, you might want to decide if you need a hands free dog leash. This leash allows you to tuck the leash handle around your waist, so you could run freely with your dog.

If you like to run instead of walking your dog, a hands free running leash would be a good fit. If your dog tends to get excited easily and make sudden jerk moves, some bungee cord on the leash would prevent you from being pulled. In that case, a retractable hands free leash with bungee cord would be a better fit. 

Chewy Dog:

Traditionally, there are three main materials: Nylon, Leather and Chain. The thickness usually determines how strong they are. For chewy dogs, a cotton braid leash is a better fit than other materials. The braided cotton thread makes chewing soothing because of the organic composition. The threads in the leash make it very hard for dogs to chew through.

360 Degree Clasp: 

Dogs tend to move around in circles, after circling for so many rounds, just like your backyard water hose, the leash will get twisted. A 360 degree clasp comes really handy so the leash does not twisted after running for a while. 

Connector and Stitching:

The stitching and connector tend to be the weakest link of the leash. Pay attention to the material of the connector and stitching. A good quality genuine leather or chain are always a good choice. The quality of thread and technique used to stitch the connector are always details need to pay attention.


Leash can range from $10 to $60. With many online sellers offering more and more good quality products at much lower prices than the major retailer, you maybe surprised to find good quality product at a much lower prices. You should not pay for a good quality leash for more than $20. 

Redbarn Inc has a good blog on fundamentals for picking your dog leash which is a good read: