Cut To Fit Canvas Web Belt Size Up to 52"

Our Casual Outdoor Canvas Web belt offers comfort, any size fit and endurance with the canvas web material and quality buckle. Offers large variety of selections to match your outdoor wares. Pick your favorite color and style for your hiking, fishing or golfing adventure!

  • Canvas
  • 2 Pack yellow/red Color, 2 Pack of colors, Cut to Up to waist Size 52", Full 56" Inches (142CM) Length, 1.5" Inches (3.81CM) Width
  • BUCKLE: Each belt has individual Buckle, Metal Military style buckle tightly secures and easy to unbuckle, fit for golf belt, outdoor belt
  • FlEXIBLE FIT - Belt fully adjustable and easy cut to fit any waist size up to 56". Pull the latch on the buckle to release the belt, make the cut, put the belt back and secure the latch.
  • COLORS STYLE: 16 colors option or 3 Pack available to match any jeans, khakis, and golfing pants
  • MATERIAL: High Density Canvas Cotton webbing offers high endurance and resilience.
2 Pack Yellow/Red
2 Pack Orange/Green
3 Pack Black/Brown/Green
Lime Green
2 Pack Black/Natural
2 Pack Yellow/Orange
3 Pack Black/Natural/Dark Gray
2 Pack Yellow/Green
3 Pack Brown/Blue/Gray
2 Pack Brown/Dark Gray
3 Pack Brown/Navy/Gray
Dark Gray
2 Pack Navy/Dark Gray
2 Pack Orange/Purple
2 Pack Black/Gray
2 Pack Dark Gray/Gray
2 Pack Dark Gray/Natural
Hot Pink
3 Pack Hot Pink/Green/Red
Sky Blue
2 Pack Yellow/Purple
3 Pack Yellow/Sky Blue/Gray
2 Pack Purple/Blue
2 Pack Green/Red
2 Pack Green/Blue
2 Pack Orange/Red
2 Pack Red/Blue
2 Pack Red/Purple
2 Pack Yellow/Blue
3 Pack Black/Natural/Gray
2 Pack Navy/Grey
3 Pack Black/Natural/Grey
2 Pack Orange/Blue
3 Pack Yellow/Orange/Purple
Light Pink
2 Pack Brown/Gray