Slicker Double Sided Grooming Brush

Our Double Sided Pet Brush is a perfect tool for your best friend!

Quality Brush

Bristles brush removes Mats, dander and dirt easily for short or long hair. Brush cleans waster from the coat surface. Two steps with one tool.

Flexible Head

Uniquely designed Flexible Head allows the brush to adjust tilted surface during brushing. Improving the brushing experience by preventing the user from constantly changing brushing angle.

Ergonomic Grib

Soft handle and ergonomic design makes the brushing eary on your hands.

Different Colors

With Blue and Pink colors avaible, you may choose the right one for you boy and girl


  • For first use, gently grooming your pet’s hair without too much pressure.
  • Brushing Order - Brush along the direction of fur growth from neck to shoulder, chest, waist, abdomen.
    rear quarters, and then to the head, the last are legs and tail.
  • Messaging Skill - During the brushing, apply pressure gently and slowly. Observe your pet to find right amount of pressure.

Material and Warning

Rubber Plastic Handle, Stainless Bristles. Althrough rare , some pets maybe be allergic to some materials.

  • HIGH QUALITY BRUSH – Gentle but strong bristles are comfy for your pet, but firm to catch tangles and mats effortlessly. Excellent grooming results for SMALL and MEDIUM dogs and cats.
  • Double Side Brush: Stainless Bristle Breaks up Mats, Tangles and Undercoats. Brush Removes Dirt and Waste from Coat Surface.
  • Flexible Handle: Firm and Flexible Brush Head Creates Solid Brush Through and Flexible Angle for Tilted Surfaces.
  • COMFORT GRIP: Soft and Comfortable Grip Makes the Brush Effortless.
  • COLOR: Pink and Blue Colors Available for Both Boys and Girls.