Reflective Double Band Dog Collar, Leash, Harness or Combo Set

We completely understand the importance of safety while walking at night, especially when you enjoy walking with your dog then leash, collar, and best dog harness set is a really important thing to have. For that, we at mile high life come up with reflective material which reflects in dim light. While your dog provides safety for your night walk, the reflective leash, harness and collar combo will also provide safety for your walking companion. We offer new and high-quality nylon provides soft touch as well as strength to keep your dog along your side. New nylon material also comes with beautiful vibrate contemporary colors that match your sneakers and sportswear. Besides colors, small/medium/large options give the flexibility to fit the size of your dog.

    • PACKAGE SET: Dog collar and harness set contain a collar or leash or harness or combo set.
    • SAFETY: a reflective strap that is highly visible in dim or dark conditions and will keep you and your dog safer at night.
    • SIZE: base on size chart select, small, medium, large, width and length option.
    • COLOR: We are offering 4 colors of the best dog harness.
    • MATERIAL - nylon strap with 3m reflective material, lightweight durable buckle pinned with a strong hook which is easily put on and takes off,
    • NOTE: measure your pet's neck and chest with a tape-based on our size chart
      Lime Green 3 Pack collar leash harness
      Blue Leash
      Orange 2 Pack Leash Harness
      Lime Green Leash
      Pink Leash
      Blue 2 Pack Leash Harness
      Blue 3 Pack collar leash harness
      Lime Green 2 Pack Leash Harness
      Pink 2 Pack Leash Harness
      Orange Leash
      Orange 3 Pack collar leash harness
      Pink 3 Pack collar leash harness