Mile High Life | Telescopic Extendable Stainless Ball Retriever 16.5"-80" Long & 7 Oz Weight | Claw Ball Grabber | Suction Cup Ball Grabber | Flexible Variety Value Packs

Telescopic Extendable Ball Retriever and Ball Grabber Combo Set!

Here’s why:

Extendable Stainless Shaft Ball Retriever 

When Collaspted, the retriever is only 16.5" ,it extends to 80".  With 7 Oz weight, it adds little weight and space to your golf bag. Stainless shaft give a strong feel as well as metallic looking that matches your irons.

? Ball Grabber

The ball grabber can be easily screwed to the putter handle. Unlike other ball grabbers, prongs of this grabber are enhanced design so it does not break loose after a few bends.

? Value Pack

Two in one pack makes great savings. 


  • Press the Ball Retriever into the ball from the top, making sure the ball is in the scoop. Then gentally life the ball retreiver. Note: you do not have to turn the retriver around to catch the ball. 
  • Screw the ball grabber in to your putter's handle. Push the grabber to the ball in the cup. The ball can be easily retrieved. 


Length: 16.5" - 80"

Weight: 7 Oz


Rubber Plastic Handle, Stainless Shaft. 

  • Strong Suction: Enhanced Design with Stable Ball Suction.
  • Claw Ball Grabber: Strong and Durable Claw Ball Grabber attached to the putter. Easy on Back when Pick up from the Cup.
  • Claw with Strong Prong: Enhanced Design with Prongs Resilient to Forced Bends.
  • Durable: Stainless Telescopic Shaft Strong for Durability.
  • Easy Attachment: Grabbers Easily Attachable to Putters.
Black 2 Claw/2 Suction Cup
Black 1 Retriever/1 Claw
Black 1 Retriever/1 Suction Cup